as an alternative to a chalet or house of stone


The Element has been designed with the following applications in mind:


use in all climate zones

recreational private use

commercial exploitation

a solution for places where a construction licence is problematic

a high quality alternative to a chalet

possible relocation

  • 1. The basis

    1. The basis

    The basis of the Element is a rugged galvanised steel frame with two axis and large wheels.

  • 2. The floor elements

    2. The floor elements

    Strong sandwich floor elements, ingeniously coupled to eachother and to the chassis.

  • 3. Pre-fabrication

    3. Pre-fabrication

    Prefabrication of tecnical connections, wet cell and kitchen. Floor elements stacked on the front.

  • 4. Ready for transport

    4. Ready for transport

    The Element is registered on Caravan license plate and is trailered to location. The inventory is in the truck in front.

  • 5. Installation

    5. Installation

    The Element is leveled and secured. The floor elements are coupled to the trailer, the alu-frame mounted onto it and the hightech membrane is spanned.

  • 6. Furnishing

    6. Furnishing

    The interior is finished and the furniture placed. The Element is ready for years of fun and payback.