The AlpCamp concept has been inspired by the theory of the five elements, a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between things. The five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur.  This is reflected in the rythm of day and night,  the changing of the seasons and the functioning of man. In the traditional Chinese way of thinking there are five seasons. The fifth season is what we call  ‘Indian Summer’.  Each season is connected to an element.


Since our innovative accommodation has a strong connection to nature, is suitable for use in all seasons and itself is also constructed from various elements, our choice for the name ‘Element’ was obvious. And as a logical consequence its occupants will always feel ‘NATURALLY IN THEIR ELEMENT”


The element of spring, nature awakens and her energy is directed outwards.

Wood is used in the Element for the floors, furniture,  wall panels and several finishing components.


Fire stands for summer, nature is in full blossom and she radiates explosive energy.

The element of Fire is found in the gas heated fireplace, the infra-red sauna , the overall comfortable warmth, central heating and combination oven.


The element associated with the after-summer or Indian Summer.  It is harvest time and nature goes through a final period of blossoming at the same time preparing for the introvercy of autumn.

The element Earth is found back in our decorative stone accents and with a bit of fantasy in the isolation materials and techniques applied in the floor, walls and roof.


The element in relation with Autumn. Nature becomes introvert and her energy is directed inwards.

The element metal manifests itself in a strong chassis, chique water taps, aluminium profiles, fashionable industrial style lamps  and the kitchen devices.


The element belonging to Winter. Nature is in a state of rest and contains a concentrated energy.

Water flows through the warm radiators, from shiny kitchen tap, through the plug & play drainage system and from the beneficial shower.