Some people are scared off when they think of cycling in Austria, because they expect heavy climbing in the mountains or aside the Danube. While in some mountainous areas slopes could increase up to 18%, Austria also possesses less challenging areas that allow for a more comfortable cycling experience. Especially going downhill next to the riverside. The famous Donau-cyclingroute is a good example. The well signalled cycling paths are not so steep, and cycling downstream usually does not require a lot of climbing.

The route is situated along nice and friendly villages where you can rest, while enjoying a nice drink or meal. The Austrian federal states each try their utmost to accomodate the cycling tourist. Burgenland  is relatively flat province, with flowing woods, wine and grainfields. The more south one goes, the more hills you encounter. Surrounding the Neusiedlersee a cycling route has been constructed that is mostly flat. The Jubileum cycling route goes from south to north in Burgenland. Carinthia offers a lot of variation to the cyclist: from reasonably flat to high mountains. The Drau route goes right through this beautiful province. In the west of the country offers great skying possibilities in wintertime, but is also very suitable for cycling after the snow has melted. Around the Bodenlake, and from there through Vorarlberg towards Tirol. From Italy to Germany, the Via Claudia Augusta leads through Tirol, connecting to the Inn-Cycling route. The Enns-route goes through Oberosterrech and the Salzkammergut-route trhough the Salzkammergut mountains.

Austrians are very cycle friendly people. Cardrivers usually pass by with caution and even the smallest roads are well asphalted. The roadsignalling is very good and the cyclingroute network is extending. The roads in Austria are generally quite quiet. However, during high-season the roads can be quite busy. The lack of alternative routes causes many tourists to travel to the mountaints via the same roads. A disadvantage of Austria are the many tunnels through the mountains. Not every tunnel is accessible by bike, in which case a cyclist should continue by train or bus. One could also choose to go by train when the way back seems too challenging or one prefers to cycle from one place to another without making a circle. In Austia it is easy to take your bike in the train.