The Element

The Element is the accommodation with which we elevate glamping to an unequalled level.
An Element offers the comfort of a quality chalet wheras you still reside on a camping site and keep that real outdoor sensation. The advantages of an Element as compared to a chalet are mainly  SPACE, MOBILITY, LOW DEPRECIATION AND LOW MAINTENANCE COST.

About the Element

The Element is built from durable materials. A high-tech membrane is accurately stretched over a rugged aluminium frame. The entire structure is isolated and the inner walls are clad with laminated plywood panels. This glamping accommodation is guaranteed winter proof and therefore suitable for a comfortable stay in all seasons. This level of comfort is achieved by a high quality finish, kitchen, bathroom with separate WC , shower , sauna and lounge. The much hated walk with toilet paper under the arm and washing up bowls now definitely belongs to the past!

The Element can be built with floor heating, central heating and a cosey (closed) gas fireplace. We can install an Element in 24 hours (depending on the location) and if desired can we relocate it. The 60 m2 version is suitable for groups up to 8 personen. A perfect way to enjoy holiday with friends and/or family!

Want to know more?

How do I get an Element?

An Element can be bought at 12Camp LTD in the Netherlands. We have the possibility to adjust design and execution of the Element to the customer’s wishes and budget. In addition it will be possible to join our rental program, so that a certain Return on Investment can be achieved. This way,  with sufficientlly high occupancy rate, the cost of ownership can be covered from the rental income.

The Element can be rented out in all seasons and this increases average occupancy rates and returns, specially in the Alps where both winter and summer holidays draw large numbers of  tourists every year. When we rent out the Element we also take care of maintenance and we relieve the customer from any local bureacracy. A number of campings in Austria have already made available plots. We would gladly discuss the details personally with you!
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