Yellow, brown and red leaves on a light green moss underground. After a rain shower, the sun breaks through again. The fresh scent of ozone gives you energy. Put on a jacket and go outside for a healthy walk. Whether you are retired or having an autumn break, you do not have to sit at home. Nothing can harm you because you are in your Element. This might be even the best season to go out ..

Walking tours

The Alps offer superb possibilities to make beautiful walking tours. In fact no season is more beautiful than autumn.


Then, in the evening when it cools down, it’s time to indulge yourself. Now for that, you don’t need to go to a five star hotel or an expensive Spa. After all, you have your own private Sauna in your Element. And free roll through the snow afterwards is entirely up to you.

Horse riding

During a horseback ride through the colorful valleys and forests, you will feel one with nature. Only the snorting of the horses betray your presence in the silent forest. Upon returning home in your Element, after a shower, sit back in the comfortable lounge …

Other seasons


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Enjoy the awakening Spring from a comfortable home base!

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