Paragliding is one of the most accessible flying sports. Gliding from one thermal stream to the other, with sufficient experience you can linger in the air for hours and hours and travel long distances. For paragliding you use a screen that has been specially developed for this sport. Sitting in a harness you determine in which direction you want to fly by means of two steering lines. Your whole kit fits in a backpack: the only thing you need is a mountain to start from. And mountains there are more than enough in Austria! Flying is experiencing the ultimate feeling of freedom. Carried by the thermals, alone in the wind while down below the stunning Austrian scenery slides past. To feel this once you could first consider a tandem jump. You do not have to be an accomplished pilot to experience this because such a jump is made together with a certified pilot. After a brief instruction, you will grasp the basics and you will be ready for a first jump. The universal human dream of flying becomes reality in an easy and safe way. You can paraglide in a pleasant summer breeze or in winter over snowy peaks. Paragliding is a fantasctic experience in every season. Just like staying in an AlpCamp Element, the only glamping accommodation suitable for all seasons!