A good investment

What is an Alpcamp Element?

The Element is a movable holiday house specially designed for glamping. This hybrid accommodation can be installed on any desired location and it is a pleasure to live in. The Element is the perfect alternative when looking for a holiday house or recreation accommodation. The price of an Element  fully depends on its execution and chosen materials and options. Think of for example, the total square meters and options like floor heating, sauna, wellness shower, central heating, kitchen equipment, interior components and garden/terrace arrangements. But generally the investment in your holiday house will be considerably lower as compared to buying a house, specially in Tirol where real estate prices have gone through the roof.

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Why buying an AlpCamp Element?

  • Spacious and luxurious
  • From 40 up to 120 square meters
  • Capacity: from 4 up to 16 persons
  • Winter proof
  • Insulated
  • Movable
  • Customized
  • All season rental income
  • positive cash flow
  • Combine rental income with holiday
  • Unique concept for the Alps
  • 7 years warranty
  • Low maintenance
  • Technical life span up to 40 years

Curious what it looks like from the inside?

Use it yourself

  • Spacious holiday house of approx  60 m²
  • Your home during wintersports AND summer holidays
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Approx 40 years life span
  • Wellness bathroom(s),  infrared sauna, Fireplace, comfortable living
  • Turn key

Renting out

  • Can be rent out to groups up to 10 persons
  • All season glamping
  • Relatively low investment, good cashflow
  • Alpcamp takes care of the rental
  • Possible tax advantages


How the Element is built

1. The base

Base of the Element is a strong chassis of galvanized steel with two large axes and large wheels.

2. Floor elements

Floor elements are made of sandwich panels of a high-tech wood composite with integrated floor heating,  ingeniously coupled together and to the trailer.

3. Prefab

Technical room fully wired and with all connections, bathroom and kitchen are prefabricated onto the trailer. Floor elements are stacked on the trailer before transport.

4. Transport

Prefabricated trailer and floor elements are transported to the installation site.
Furniture follows by separate transport.

5. Installation

The Element is positioned spirit level and secured. The alu-frame is bolted to the chassis and the skin, a high-tech membrane,  is applied. Then insulation, mounting inner wall panels and finishing!

6. Interior

The Element is fully furnished with everything you may expect for luxurious camping life. Furniture, beds and bedding, kitchen appliances, it’s all there.

Renting an Element

Do you wish to rent an Element for your vacation in Austria? See the availability and book straight away!

More information

Do you want to have more information about buying an Element or about the the rent possibilities? Then please contact us and we’ll tell you all about this unique concept. Please dial +31 320 258549 , or mobile +31 654796478 or complete the contact form below.

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