Cross Country Ski

In Austria the options for cross country skiing are endless. Some ‘loipes’ are suited for classic cross country skiers and skaters too. The fairytale-like country scene and the well prepared loipes in different skill levels attracts numerous cross-country skiing lovers to Austria. Most cross country ski areas meet strict criteria and offer 40-60 days of guaranteed snow.


There are also a lot of cross country skiing schools that offer professional training for beginners and advanced skiiers. Some regions such as Ramsau am Dachtstein (with over 220 KM of loipes), the Ausseerland (straight from the loipe into the grimming-therms) or st. Jakob im Walde (in the east of Steiermark) are focused on cross country skiing for women!

Not to mention the possibilities for kids to enjoy themselves. In the Nordic center in the Bohmerwald in Oberosterreich, special loipes have been developed for children, with jumps, waving parts, slalom parts and other fun obstacles. This way kids can familiarize with cross country skiing in a fun and playful manner.

In the  Ramsau in the Steiermark kidscan practice on a big hill with gates, jumps and obstacles. Kids can play ball games and estafette games and more at a big playing area next to the paralel trail.