For the professional market

The Element is a secure investment for camping owners and companies or investors active in the leasure industry. From a technical point of view the different sections such as the floor, the alumimium structure and the membrane have in fact different lifespans. Because of an almost indestructable floor construction the basis of the Element will undoubtedly survive a lifetime. The aluminium framework, next to keeping always an intrisic value, also has a lifespan of ate least 40 years. Under harsh weather conditions (alternating temperatures, hail, snow and UV radiation) the roof may have to be re-covered after some 12 years, which is an easy job. The membrane walls will survive 25-40 years and after such time can be replaced so the Element will be again as new. The Element can easily stay outside during the entire year and can withstand severe weather conditions. Because of this it can be rented out during all seasons, which means optimal occupancy rates. Due to its modular design it is possible to create different layout. Damaged  exterior or interior components are easily replaced. There is no painting needed, no rotting possible and the exterior is easily cleaned once a year with warm water and soft soap. Should, after a number of years colours or furniture become outdated, these are easily renewed and adapted to the new trends.

For private owners

Also for people who wish to invest in an Element privately there are many advantages. Not only will you own a valuable leasure accommodation for private use, you can also join the AlpCamp rental program. (We make a reservation for Elements installed outside the EU). In case you join the rental program AlpCamp will ensure through a maintenance contract that your Element is kept in an impeccable technical state so that it can continue to yield a good return on investment. This way you enjoy the possession of your Element optimally. And should you want to relocate the Element after some years for whatever reason, you will have no worries. One of the most important advantages of an Element over a chalet is that we can move the Element within a few days and rebuild it as solid and stable as it was standing before. So you will not be stuck to any region or camping site. One reason for moving can be for instance that the Eelement wil pay better on another location. The Element gives you flexibility and freedom of choice.


AlpCamp offers her clients a full service concept. THis means that we can take care of:
  • Design, construction, transport and installation of the Element
  • Commercial exploitation of the Element and financial reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Financing


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