12Camp LTD, established in the Netherlands, is in charge of the design production and sales of the AlpCamp Element, a unique glamping accommodation which can also serve as a second home.
 Although the standard sized 60 m2 Element is almost perfect, we can also make alternative designes and executions.  For instance, our smallest layout is around 25 m2 and the largest one is approximately 85 m2. Anything inbetween could be configured as well .


The level of luxury and the execution of the accommodation is discussed in detail with the client at the hand of an extensive options list. The chosen cofiguration will be built and installed within the agreed budget. 
12Camp is developing more concepts such as for example luxury tents for VIP’s during large events and designs that fit in a particular natural environment.

AlpCamp is a complete concept developed by 12Camp LTD. This concept comprises the design, sales, installation, maintenance and renting out of the Element in the Alps. Noone has so far been able to realize a winter proof glamping accommodation with a similar luxury level. Research has shown that large numbers of people would like to go camping but refrains from doing so because of the typical discomforts associated with it and the lack of care free accommodations available in the market. It is this group of people that 12Camp now wants to reach out to.  We first want to achieve a good coverage on top campings in Austria, starting in Tirol because this region attracts large numbers of touristst both in summer and in winter. Note that, where traditionally the tourists came from European countries, we observe increasing numbers of visitors also from the Middle East, guests who particularly want luxury and privacy. By means of a smart promotion strategy and a booking accesible for the owner the Element, camping management and 12Camp BV, we intend to realize good occupancy ratess and return on investment for everyone involved. Simultaneously we shall make preparations for the introduction of the concept in other regions with potential.