The awakening nature. Young foliage is popping up in fresh shades of green and yellow. Early morning still somewhat cold, but soon temperature will rise. Then, after a delicious breakfast you get the bikes out for a fun ride. By noon pick a sunny terrace in a cozy mountain village. Life is good..

Take a ride

Rent a bike and go out for a ride. Experience the surroundings and sniff up fresh spring air. Put your leg muscles to work and become fit in the healthy mountain air .


After exercise it is time for a tasty salad and a refreshing drink. With your batteries charged up you return to your Element.


Also for the more adventurous among us Austria offers a wide variety of choices. But do mind a through preparation if you want to engage in mountain sports. Nearby your Element there are ususally schools for your favourite sport.

Other seasons


a variegation of red, yellow and brown colours set you at rest!

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Glamping in winter, experience it together!

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Summer vacation, a feast for all ages!

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