Finally summer arrived. In the Alps it is a lot more comfortable than in the sweltering southern Europe. The kids have a great time on the mountain lake or more nearby in the pool. They have so many friends to play with. And when they get back home they can already speak some words in a foreign language! 

Time for yourself

You don´t have to worry about the kids. They entertain themselves and keep eachother busy all day long. This way also the parents have time for themselves.


Warm summer nights on the camping are perfect for grilling some savoury meat together with friends. And you don´t need to drive anywhere… so a glass of wine is allowed!


What´s more pleasant on a warm summer day than cooling down on the river? And if you are not into wild water, then you will certainly find a good spot for swimming or fishing. Surely that trout will taste good tonight!

Other seasons


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Glamping in winter, experience it together!

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